Tinted green control room view of Bobby Sheldon's VO Studio

The Control Room

Bobby coaches all of his Blue Collar Voiceover™students from his studio control room. From here he can show them what high-end studio gear looks like, and typically how remote producers might be listening to them on professional gear as they get directed via Zoom or several other online apps.

If you are just getting started in VO or a seasoned veteran, Bobby provides remote coaching via Zoom all over the United States. His philosophy is to make you feel at home in your own studio space, so you’ll be comfortable when you "virtually invite" your clients into it to work with you remotely.

By coaching remotely using your studio microphone and closed-back headphones, and recording onto your computer’s harddrive, you are actually preparing perfectly for remotely-directed sessions with big clients.

Everything from the Zoom session and connection itself to the professional copy (scripts) and direction Bobby provides, gives you the skills and tools you need to be totally comfortable in the heat of an important session with your clients.

For those starting out in VO, Bobby prefers to run you through his 6-week Blue Collar Voiceover™ Beginner’s Bootcamp workshop, also via Zoom. This way, everything you learn during the six-weeks levels you up for anything that comes your way. It’s because by that time, you’ll both have become better acquainted with how Bobby needs to direct you, and he will have determined your specific needs and how to guide your coaching to give you and your VO career the best head start.

Things have really changed in the voiceover world regarding getting your initial training and working to get new clients and build your VO portfolio. It used to take months or years to get enough coaching under your belt before you ventured into the real world and started auditioning for jobs. Bobby’s one-on-one personalized VO coaching in his Blue Collar Voiceover™Bootcamp, gives you his complete and focused attention to all the details necessary to get you going. No waiting for others to complete their portion of the session, it’s all geared to you and your needs.

With the internet, the advent of pay-to-play websites (sites where you pay a monthly or annual fee to audition), and multiple ways of connecting with potential clients globally, you can now study with a great coach to get the basic introductory VO skills and professional advice about buying quality gear and setting up a quiet studio space… then start auditioning! It’s very much like traditional “On-the-job-training” in the vocational job arena, which has served hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and in all sorts of vocations for many hundreds of years.

In fact, Bobby taught vocational education as an adjunct college instructor for almost 17 years before going full-time in his VO career.

To help promote your VO services, you’ll even get six (6) “introductory" demos, fully produced, to get you started and that you can post to your website to provide prospective clients something to listen to and evaluate your skill level at this time in your career to see if you’re ready to meet their needs.

Bobby’s Six-Week Blue Collar Voiceover™Beginner’s Bootcamp includes all professional commercial copy & narration scripts, one-on-one VO coaching and personalized consultation by Bobby Sheldon, and everything you need to help you launch your professional VO career. In addition, once you’re initiated into Bobby’s Blue Collar Voiceover™group by taking the bootcamp workshop, you’ll automatically get huge discounts on any follow-on coaching and future demo production.

As mentioned above, Bobby provides you with the latest gear recommendations to help you with selecting the right stuff, all within reasonable price-points.

It’s all very accommodating to fit your schedule and reasonably priced to help you get started right away.

One 2-hour Zoom session once-a-week for six weeks. The last session includes multiple mini-sessions directed by Bobby, just like real remotely-directed client sessions. Out of that will come your six fully produced introductory demos, all of your choosing from the in-class & homework copy (scripts).

If you need to see what his current students think of his coaching and his keen attention to their VO needs, check out the testimonials below.

Then, when you’re ready to start your VO career on the right foot, or to get some advanced coaching from Bobby Sheldon, simply let Bobby know here and scroll down to the contact form.

Introductory Demos

*Introductory Demos - The six demos created from live-directed sessions at the end of Bobby’s six-week bootcamp workshop. These demos are student-selected fully produced commercials, IVR scripts, or partial narrations that represent a beginning student’s skill level at the time of completing the bootcamp workshop. At some later time, months or years depending on their time spent practicing all the techniques presented in the bootcamp, a student should choose to have a new demo produced by Bobby or another producer to showcase their skill level at that time. Demos are not a static “calling card” because they must reflect a voice actor’s most recent skill level in order to be a viable competitor in the world of VO.

Student Testimonials

  • Autumn - Pasadena, CA

    “Bobby Sheldon is an amazing voiceover artist and coach. He really loves what he does.He not only loves performing, but he also is very passionate and devotes a lot of his time helping others who want to be voiceover artists reach their goals and achieve their dreams and turn them into reality. Bobby will work with anyone who wishes to pursue the voiceover world and is serious about what they want to do. He will be patient with you and answer any questions you may have about anything."

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Faith - Bremerton,WA

    "Working with Bobby has been a fantastic experience. VO is fun in and of itself, but it's such a blast learning from Bobby and getting hands on experience and practice. I'm so grateful for the feedback and resources he's given me. It's great to know that I'm well equipped to work toward my goals."

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Rick - Bremerton, WA

    "Bobby’s coaching brings the best out of everyone he works with. The Bootcamp is fast-paced and fun! There is never a dull moment from start to finish. No matter what your skill level is, when you complete the Bootcamp, you will be much better than when you started! I highly recommend Blue Collar Voiceover Beginner's Bootcamp Workshop whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner. After you complete the workshop, the sky will be the limit!"

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Pamm - Gig Harbor, WA

    "Bobby knew exactly how to help me develop my skills. We covered all genres and he recommended the ones that best fit my voice and style. He’s a working voice actor himself and knows the business. His professional and personal instruction is top notch. I highly recommend Bobby to anyone looking to become a voice actor!"

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Monica - Hartford, CT

    "Working with Bobby has been such a great experience! The VO Bootcamp program that Bobby offers includes modules about Voice Over techniques and equipment, as well as the business side of the industry. I learned so much throughout the six weeks sessions and also from Bobby sharing his valuable experience. Learning virtually over Zoom was easy and convenient. Participants also have several professionally produced demos to use for auditions at the end of the program! I highly recommend working with Bobby for both the VO Bootcamp and his private coaching sessions!"

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Dave & Mary - Los Angeles, CA

    "Working with Bobby was a fantastic experience! We went all in as a family workshop, and he spent individual time with us learning the concepts of VO. The outcomes were terrific, these memories will last a lifetime. Bobby took the time to hone our individual voiceover strengths and use the appropriate application for each of us. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to get into the Voiceover industry or looking for some voiceover training."

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Rachel - Austin, TX

    "Highly recommend Blue Collar Voiceover Bootcamp! Valuable training and information! Well worth the money and time! Kickstart your VO career today! Bobby is trusted and respected by clients and students!"

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Bert - Seattle, WA

    "Bobby Sheldon gave me the tools I needed to elevate my Voiceover training. His Blue Collar Voiceover Bootcamp is a comprehensive introduction to the many facets of the Voiceover industry. The on-mic portion was helpful in getting comfortable behind the mic early on. Kind, knowledgeable, experienced, and amazingly supportive, I've gladly recommended Bobby Sheldon to others."

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Rod - Bremerton, WA

    "Working with Bobby is a blast. His Bootcamp gave me the knowledge to become a (paid) professional voice talent in 4 months. His Bootcamp gave me a unique skill set to enter the industry with confidence. Highly recommend his Bootcamp."

    autumn testimonial_sq
  • Josh - Bremerton, WA

    "I was recommended to Bobby by a stranger that said I had a good voice. In the spur of the moment I chose to reach out, and I could not have made a better decision. He has taught me everything and more on how to use my Voice and given me the tools I need to further this craft and make it my own. He is an amazing mentor that will listen, and learn how to help you voice the best you. And After taking the VO Boot camp, you'll want even more lessons with him. If you want encouragement and success, then you want Bobby"




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