The VO boys having lunch at the Big Apple Diner… “The Bowsers” Scott Burns & Kenny James + Lonny Schmitt & Bobby Sheldon

When Not in the Booth...

When not in the booth working, Bobby enjoys flying helicopters and meeting other pilots who are masters in their chosen profession. Airlift Northwest EMS Pilot Mark, with Bobby next to Mark’s flying office Augusta A109E, based at Bremerton National Airport.

Bobby Sheldon with EMS Pilot Mark standing next to red and white Airlift NW helicopter at Bremerton Airport

Bobby with Dan Wolfe of Wolfe Air Aviation, the premier Hollywood aerial filming company who is credited with blockbuster films such as “True Lies” and “Air Force One”.

Bobby Sheldon with Dan Wolfe of Wolfe Air Aviation at Hawthorne Airport
marice tobias_riskybusiness_badanimals

About Bobby

Bobby Trains Often...

Bobby trains often with the best in order to bring you his best. Marice Tobias in Seattle, Dave Walsh in LA...

Voiceover coach Dave Walsh in LA VO Mastery with Bobby Sheldon
Voiceover coach Patrick Fraley with Scott Burns and engineer Jamie Hunsdale at Bad Animals Studio

… and of course, in Seattle with Patrick Fraley.

Bobby Attends...

Bobby also attends premier voiceover events with coach/producer David Lyerly, VO Mastery promoter and legendary VO Randy Thomas, and Susan Bennett (original voice of Siri).

Bobby Sheldon with VO coach David Lyerly, Live Announcer Randy Thomas and Susan Bennett original voice of SIRI

… Bobby with VO Mastery guest coach Melissa Disney.

Voice Actor Coach Melissa Disney with VO Bobby Sheldon at Solvang California



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